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I grew up with a family that was always creative and made things. I am also married into a creative family.

As a child I never found a craft that I wanted to do, that was until at 19 I saw patchwork quilt. I took classes and so began my love of quilts.

I became a patchwork tutor at Fairkytes Arts Centre in Hornchurch, Essex. It is my passion and job. I love inspiring others to be creative.

Patchwork is just one craft I do to create personal gifts for family and friends. For years I made my husband very individual ties for presents, which he wore to work. Unfortunately the company he works for brought in logo-ed polo shirts, so he no longer wore ties.

I tried different ideas for presents but nothing was quite right, then at a quilt show I saw a book on postcards using printed novelty fabrics. I started to play, but found I wanted to create my own images using different ideas. Quilted Postcards are great gifts for not just my husband and daughter, but all our family and friends.

Why the tortoise? The tortoise has become my personal image stamped on Quilted Postcards and quilted into my quilts. It started as a joke by my husband that I love nothing better than hiding in my shell/home.